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The 8-bit Action Game Music Pack from Skyhammer Sound contains 10 seamlessly looping tracks that are perfect for a retro, 8 bit style games. Composed with the aid of a faithful emulation of the legendary 6581 and 8580 SID chip models, this chiptune music pack is certain to help your players stay immersed in the game you’re creating. All tracks are mixed and mastered with a professional touch, and ready to be used in your project.

This music pack is a great match for arcade and retro games, for example in such genres as action/adventure, shoot ‘em up, racing and platformers. The tracks work well as level themes or menu themes. Each track is infused with memorable and catchy melodies inspired by the great composers of the 8-bit era.

Each and every track is handcrafted with professional, industry standard software and the love and enthusiasm of an avid gamer. The tracks do not contain any pre-recorded loops, everything is unique.

Track preview


01. Finish the Battle! [1:04]
02. Dance of Death [1:04]
03. Underground Base [1:15]
04. The Skyscraper [1:15]
05. Relentless [1:09]
06. Mountain Path [1:15]
07. Space Pirates [1:04]
08. Beat ‘em Up! [1:20]
09. Taking the Charge [0:58]
10. Unknown Worlds [1:19]

Audio Technical Information:

Files provided: 10
Format: 44.1kHz, 16 bit, Stereo, WAV
Total length: 11 minutes 41 seconds
Supported platforms: All

About us

Skyhammer Sound is a professional music production house with 15 years of industry experience, led by media composer Janne Seppänen. With games released from Nintendo Switch and PC games to mobile platforms, short movies and dozens of TV series, we have the knowledge and the experience to craft impactful and highly memorable music that can enhance your game’s emotional message, underline important moments and help the player to have endless fun in the world you’ve created.

In case you liked what you heard but would like a custom score tailored to your ideas and wishes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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What's the license for these?

Thanks for reaching out! The license for my music packs is "All rights reserved", meaning here that you have the right to use the assets in your games but I reserve other rights. Thanks for pointing it out that I hadn't selected one, as the other asset stores that I use have their own licenses so I hadn't even thought I have to check one here. Cheers!